Percy Lake

Percy Lake

Percy Lake

Percy Lake is located near the Northern part of Haliburton County and close to the Algonquin Park border. This deep glacial lake offers clean waters, rock bluffs and sandy beaches. People are attracted to the extreme privacy that Percy Lake has to offer! Percy lake is a medium sized waterbody with the bottom consisting of two basins. 

FUN FACT: Properties on Percy lake come with 1200 acres of common elements for all property owners to hike, play, explore and enjoy!


Location: 22 km northeast of Haliburton

Elevation: 375 m (1.250 ft)

Surface Area: 440 ha (1,087 acres)

Mean Depth: 10.8 M (36 ft)



Percy Lake has been stocked every few years with lake trout dating back to the 1960s. Here are some of the other fish you may come across:

  • Lake trout
  • Silver trout
  • Smallmouth bass 

Even though lake trout is popular at Percy Lake, the bulk of fishing leans towards the smallmouth bass. The rocky shoreline areas and massive weed beds found in the eastern part of the lake create ample habitat for this aggressive fish.