Boshkung Lake

Boshkung Lake

Boshkung Lake

Boshkung Lake is a highly sought-after, easily accessible lake known for its expansive size. It features shallow, sandy shores and clear waters, making it an attractive destination for various recreational activities

Boshkung Lake is part of a three lake chain in Haliburton County that starts at 12 Mile Lake, flows through Little Boshkung and Boshkung Lakes. This chain offers miles of boating opportunities. The area provides access to Wedgewood RPM Marina on 12 Mile Lake and features several resorts, including Buttermilk Falls Resort, Heather Lodge, and Tall Pines Cottages. This chain of lakes is truly perfect for everything!

Fun Fact: Buttermilk Falls, located at the north end of Boshkung Lake is a fast-flowing waterfall with a rich history. Originally, it served as a log chute. Today, it's a popular spot for visitors who enjoy its natural beauty and historical significance.

Location: Algonquin Highlands, Located minutes up the road from Carnarvon.  

Elevation: 304 metres (997 ft)

Surface Area:  715 hectares (1767 Acres) in size


About the Boshkung Community!

The Boshkung community, located just north of the small town of Carnarvon, offers a blend of amenities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. Food enthusiasts can indulge in some of Haliburton County's favourite dining at The Rhubarb, The Millpond, The Peppermill Steak and Pasta House, and the new Mason Jar. For convenient shopping, Jug City serves as a one-stop destination for groceries, LCBO selections, and everyday essentials. Beer enthusiasts can enjoy locally brewed craft beers at Boshkung Brewing Co. Families have access to several playground options nearby, ensuring ample recreational opportunities for children in the community. Explore the local museum and library.  Golf enthusiasts can hit some balls at the nearby Carnarvon Family Golf, or bring the family for a round of mini put! Rounding out a diverse range of attractions in this charming community.

Lake Resources!

Check out Twelve Mile Little Boshkung Lakes Association for lake information, news, events and resources! Just follow the link provided,

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  Fishing Boshkung

Boshkung Lake is a prime destination for fishing, offering opportunities to catch lake trout, walleye, lake whitefish, and smallmouth bass. It features two boat launches directly on its shores, with easy access also available from nearby Twelve Mile Lake launches. Anglers appreciate the diverse fishing options and scenic surroundings of this popular spot in Haliburton County. For more fishing rules and resources follow the link for more info,

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