7 To-Do's to Get Your Property Ready For Spring

7 To-Do's to Get Your Property Ready For Spring

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As a property owner, you already know that Canadian Spring can reveal some surprises when the snow starts to melt. Here are some helpful reminders to save you (and your wallet) from potential bigger problems down the road. 

Check for drainage issues to prevent basement flooding.

  • Inspect your property for standing water and correct it before the spring rain fall comes. Confirm and troubleshoot the following: Is there a clogged gutter? Does the land slope away from your home? Downspouts properly connected? Snow piles that should be moved away from the foundation?  If water is not directed away from your foundation damage can occur to the basement or erode flower beds.

 Reposition anything that's been displaced by snow.

  • The weight of snow can damage eaves, downspouts and cause shifting. Plowing or shoveling can do the same so make sure gravel and stones are where they're supposed to be, other landscaping items go back where they belong or get repaired if broken.

Fix up your plants.

  • Trim plants that need trimming or have become overgrown before any buds form, pull plants that didn't survive winter, redefine bed lines and add fresh mulch where needed.

Inspect the exterior.

  • Check for worn shingles, damaged siding or window screens, weathered paint and foundation cracks. Examine flashing and trim for damage or potential leaks. Correct any problems before underlying damage can result.

Check your systems.

  • Change your furnace filter, water filter, check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Clean your chimney.  Make sure your sump pump is still in working order. Make sure your outdoor faucets weren't damaged from freezing and take a water sample to ensure safe drinking if you are on well water.

Check your outdoor maintenance equipment.

  • Now is the time to check your mowers/trimmers/blowers and give them a tune up. Clean them and sharpen blades to save later frustration.

Repair damage to your driveway

  • Frost heaving can disrupt a level driveway and spring melt can carve new channels of water where they shouldn't be. Take good care of your driveway now and save your vehicles from the wear and tear that winter has left behind. 


Need help with any of this?  We have a list of trusted local resources to help with any of your property concerns.  Give us a call at 705-457-9994 or send us an email info@troyausten.ca and we would be happy to share the list with you.